A beautiful day in paradise – although a little chilly early on for those used to warmer climes – greeted the 260 odd runners who turned up to the fabulous Glasshouse run series on 29 July 2012. the flinders tour race had three distances, 50km, 25km and 10km. Each had specific challenges associated with the terrain with a climb to the top of Mt Beerburrum as a started for the 50km event. The rock garden inside the last 3 km is also challenging for all events.

Dreamsport Photography was there in force with a team of 3 covering the vent start and finish and multiple field locations.


We have been listening to customers and trying to make it easier to access the images for you. There are several galleries of photos. Where possible race numbers have been used in the photo titles and can be searched for on the website. 10 events need to add a leading zero – eg. race number 19 is 019 when searching.

2012-07-29 Flinders Tour 2326 553The photos are in the sub galleries:

We now have a light box setup so you can view your photos with an easy next previous system.

Note: sample photos are low quality and size. Edited images are adjusted for exposure and colour and provided as full size digital images.


We have a special deal on for this event, Every photo of yourself for $50. Mmail your race number to sales@dreamsportphotography.com to access this.

We will also have our normal pricing available.

Photos are available as full size photos (without the large watermark). Email sales queries to sales@dreamsportphotography.com.

In addition if you want enlargements of your photos we can supply them. Please contact Tim at sales@dreamsportphotography.com for pricing.

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Many thanks to your photographers who do a wonderful job on the trail despite their cold and sore rumps!

— Vicky

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