The 2016 Sandgate Sunset Run was put on to benefit local charity “Share the Dignity“ who provide sanitary items to women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Their aim is to provide homeless and at risk women nationally with sanitary products to allow them a sense of dignity at a time when they need it most.

No woman should suffer the indignity of choosing between eating and buying sanitary items.


The event is an awesome evening relay race run in 250 metre laps around the big roundabout in the centre of Sandgate, Brisbane.

Starting in the late afternoon with a kids dash followed by a 30 minute junior runners relay, a Social relay full of amazing costumes and then at dusk with the 2 hour open event. Each team of 4 runners can run as many laps as they like before passing the baton on. The top team ran a total of 165 laps to record a staggering 41.25km in the 2 hours.

The Dreamsport Photography team was there again to offer our services to the charity for free! All the low res unedited photos are available free on Facebook in the following folders. Feel free to tag and share.

We know that some people want to purchase their high res edited photos for a memory of the event. So we have made them all available to you for that as well. However we haven’t numbered them so you will just have to search though the galleries to locate the ones you want.

All the samples are in the 2016 Sandgate Sunset Run in these sub galleries: Note there are crowd photos staggered through out and each gallery is in chronological order.

How to Purchase

We do things a little differently from other companies.

  • We don’t have a shopping cart because we don’t mass produce images.
  • We individually edit every photo we sell or provide free.
  • We shoot high resolution large images – suitable for you to print A3 size or more. Why have pro gear and not use it?
  • We have some special deals for competitors in the Sandgate Sunset Run.
  • We have lots of happy customers who keep coming back for more
  • We specialise in Sports Photography Events in Brisbane and South East Queensland

So you have to  email and find just the ones you want to buy and let us know the file numbers for each image. OR you could say please give me all my images – show us one – and we will locate the rest for you.

We then send you a payment link for secure credit card payment and away we go. We supply bulk images via a drop box download link and individual ones we email.

Prints we ship to you in a flat cardboard parcel for protection.

Note: sample photos are unedited, low quality and size and have a large watermark. Purchased edited images are adjusted for exposure and colour and provided as full size digital images with a small discreet watermark in the corner. Some sample photos are also too dark or too light. this will be corrected in the edited image.


We do a special deal for all your own photos. This is a fantastic deal if we were able to get lots of photos of you and you cant choose which one you like best. Well don’t choose, just grab them all for one flat price. What makes it even easier is you just email us one image of you and we take it from there!


We don’t believe you should have to shell out big bucks after the event to get measly images of yourself. We have a very realistic pricing structure. After all we enter events and want our photos too, so we know what its like as a competitor. Great pricing for families and friends to pool together; the more you buy the cheaper it gets.

  • one photo $13
  • two photos $25
  • three photos $33
  • up to 10 photos $43
  • after that $4 per photo


We would love to produce a beautiful A4 (8”x12”) glossy image for you of your favourite images. Individual prints are available in 2 easy sizes;

  • 6”x4” $6 each
  • 12”x8” $20 each

All prints are shipped flat in cardboard parcels and there is a postage and handling cost of $7.50 (AUS).

Here are some of our favourite shots from the event.

2016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61010882016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61012962016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61020862016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61020992016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61021042016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61022472016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61023172016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61024372016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61026632016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61030642016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61026572016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61032132016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61033002016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61032412016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61036722016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61042042016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61034542016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61034142016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61036382016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61037862016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61039482016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61039142016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61042152016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61039512016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61040042016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61039522016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61039882016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61064562016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61052542016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61053382016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61063302016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 61056472016-10-08 Sandgate Sunset Run 6105961

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