Dreamsport Photography is once again the official photographers for the TRAQ Glasshouse trail runs. The Cooks Tour event based in Woodford on 20th May was held in crisp clear weather with excellent conditions for running and photographing.

We will be providing 1 free photo to all entrants. There are also plenty of other photos available from in the field. these will be available in the crowd, trail and finishers galleries. Where possible race numbers have been used in the photo titles and can be searched for on the website.

Please select your photos and email the file numbers sales@dreamsportphotography.com to receive them. If your race number was less than 100 it will have leading zeros - e.g. 007, 041 etc.


Photos are priced as follows:

In addition if you want enlargements and prints of your photos we can supply them as well as commemorative certificate photos with your name and race time and place. Please contact Tim at sales@dreamsportphotography.com for pricing.

We love to encourage the runners and we get a wide range of responses from stoic determination to exuberant celebration. Here are some examples.

2012-05-20 Cooks Tour 223 8122012-05-20 Cooks Tour 303 2342012-05-20 Cooks Tour 339 2602012-05-20 Cooks Tour 407 3112012-05-20 Cooks Tour 464 3052012-05-20 Cooks Tour 534 2182012-05-20 Cooks Tour 562 275 2972012-05-20 Cooks Tour 615 2372012-05-20 Cooks Tour 629 2132012-05-20 Cooks Tour 764 0792012-05-20 Cooks Tour 816 0732012-05-20 Cooks Tour 832 2772012-05-20 Cooks Tour 846 0842012-05-20 Cooks Tour 863 0492012-05-20 Cooks Tour 992 2332012-05-20 Cooks Tour 689 515 502 5072012-05-20 Cooks Tour 1179 246 2452012-05-20 Cooks Tour 1196 3052012-05-20 Cooks Tour 1230 3132012-05-20 Cooks Tour 1407 803 8042012-05-20 Cooks Tour 1470 8102012-05-20 Cooks Tour 1543 5412012-05-20 Cooks Tour 1544 2132012-05-20 Cooks Tour 2893 815

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That trail run was a hilly struggle..but you guys are so good at what you do..the pics don't make it look so bad :)

— J Waldburger - Lake Manchester Trail Runner

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