Sporting images Australia had five shooters at the 2012 Mooloolaba Triathlon – all ages event. I shot 10,300 frames for them that day – there were four of us who shot over 10K images for the day.

I spend most of my time on the bike mount at the transition exit point. To be honest I was embarrassed by the total ineptitude seen by probably 80% of the competitors. Nearly all the competitors were unable to perform a basic mount of a bike. A few competitors were able to throw themselves onto a bike – the top category men nearly all could. Most of the top women could also scoot mount. The rest had a variety of hilarious ways of how not to do it.

Most of the general public who spend lots of money on time saving devices like aero bars and speed helmets and disced wheels etc. – who might just get a few seconds per km advantage out of these expensive devices – would be better off spending some time (at no cost) learning how to mount a bike. Might save them 10-20 seconds easily.

The funny thing was people were running with their bikes to the mount line (and a few who mounted early being “instructed” by the technical officials to get off and remount) and then they stopped there and proceed to in various ways get astride the bike and attempt to clip in. Most of them were then causing blockages for people behind them – there were more than a few tangles and shouted curses at people who weren’t looking behind them when they suddenly stopped and laid their bikes over so they could step over the bar. Some were considerate and went to the sides.

All my images are available from the Sporting Images Australia website. However I am putting some “how to” and “how not to” photos on here as well as a few of my favourite “arty” shots.

How to mount a bike – examples by male and females.

  1. Run with bike using seat not handlebars to push.
  2. Approaching the mount point shift both hands tot he handle bars and weight to handlebars. Keep momentum up as this is necessary so you don’t fall off.
  3. Launch off the ground using left foot (if on left side of bike) and land on the saddle.
  4. Get both feet onto the pedals and push a couple of revs to get balance and speed up.
  5. Once settled into the bike get feet into shoes.

2012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 1322012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 1332012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 1342012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 1352012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 1362012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 1372012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 7112012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 7122012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 7132012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 20052012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 20062012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 2007

How to scoot mount.

Note – this can be done with shoes on the bike or on your feet. Example a woman competitor with shoes on the bike.

  1. While running pushing bike by saddle with the right hand get left hand onto handle bars.
  2. Time your balance to get the left foot onto the left pedal. If necessary “scoot” a little to get through traffic or get your balance and speed up.
  3. With all weight on left foot and left hand shift right hand to handlebar and swing right leg over the seat and onto right pedal. Remain standing on the pedals and get some momentum up before sitting down and getting feet into shoes.

2012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 1552012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 1562012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 1572012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 1602012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 1612012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 7422012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 7432012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 7442012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 745

Scoot mounting with shoes – both running and cycle shoes with cleats.

2012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 7582012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 7592012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 7602012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 7702012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 7712012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 772

How not to mount.

  1. Run to middle of the road. come to a complete stop and make yourself about 3 people wide.
  2. Get on bike awkwardly by stepping over the top bar.
  3. Ride off eventually. (Some people took over 30 seconds to get on their bike and clip their feet in before they even pushed off.(
  4. Negate the effect of the fancy helmet.

2012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 11102012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 11112012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 1112

2012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 17012012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 17052012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 27472012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 27482012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 27492012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 27502012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 28042012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 28052012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 30202012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 30212012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 30222012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 3603

Oh and some final tips.

  • If using rear of saddle mounted bottles make sure you don’t swing your leg into them sending them flying.
  • When racking your bike in transition put it into the gear you actually want to start in.
  • Try not to ride into the photographer.

2012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 26782012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 60512012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 60582012-03-25 Mooloolaba Triathlon 004

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