The pinnacle of the TRAQ Glasshouse series each year is the GH100, the Glasshouse 100. not only is there a 100km event, there is also a 100 mile event. At 160km this event is not for the faint hearted or unprepared. Running through the night in rough dusty terrain, including several nasty climbs, battling exhaustion, cold and the mental yips that go with running ultra events.

Hats off to the incredibly tough men and women who competed in this event.

There were also the “smaller” ultra events of 50km, 30km and the positively gentle stroll of 10km.

Dreamsport Photography as the official photographer again and we had shooters out on course in multiple locations. For ease of location of your photos we have categorised them into the following galleries based on the checkpoint nearest to where the photos were taken.


There are several galleries of photos. Where possible race numbers have been used in the photo titles and can be searched for on the website. 6km competitors need to add a leading zero – eg. race number 19 is 019 when searching.

The photos are in the sub galleries:

We now have a light box setup so you can view your photos with an easy next previous system.

Note: sample photos are low quality and size. Edited images are adjusted for exposure and colour and provided as full size digital images with a small watermark at the bottom.


We have several special deals on for this event.

  • One free photo for every competitor.
  • A Glasshouse 100 prize pack – contains 5 scenic shots and up to 5 pics of yourself for $25. Email your race number to to access this.
  • Every photo of yourself for $50. Email your race number to to access this.
  • Printed A4 commemorative photo certificates are overlaid on an image of yourself and cost $27.50 including postage.

We will also have our normal pricing available.

Photos are available as full size photos (without the large watermark). Email sales queries to

In addition if you want enlargements of your photos we can supply them. Please contact Tim at for pricing.

Here are some of my favourites from the event.


2012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 082 503 553 536 5142012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 113 545 5372012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 3212 5082012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 3467 011 0362012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 2748 950 746 934 942 7362012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 310 901 703 926 9252012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 439 7082012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 446 7252012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 632 7012012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 639 7322012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 650 7302012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 965 9082012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 1090 5662012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 2097 7302012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 2108 7532012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 2480 925 9422012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 2135 7112012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 2495 7352012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 2507 7462012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 2680 9072012-09-15 Glasshouse 100 2694 922

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Thank you; this is my first run with Dreamsport & you’ve done an AMAZING job! Photos are fabulous.

— Tanya

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