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2011-10-02 Bribie Beach Bash 193 T20The 2011 Bribie Beach Bash was held with perfect weather, clear skies, low tide and a firm beach to run on. The event is a really popular one with ultra runners with people travelling from all over the country to compete.

Dreamsport Photography had two shooters on the beach capturing the action and excitement. There were some close finishes and some excellent performances.

Proceeds from the event are going to the Endeavour Foundation Charity.

All the images from the event can be found in these galleries:

2011-10-02 Bribie Beach Bash 120Please use this search form to find your number - most of the beach run start and finish photos are numbered.


Photos are priced as follows:

In addition if you want enlargements of your photos or prints we can supply them. Please contact Tim at sales@dreamsportphotography.com for pricing.

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What people say about us

First up, amazing photos. I enter a lot of fun runs and have never bought a photo before - mostly because they are hideous :) But I actually liked quite a few of yours. Don't know how you did it.
Thanks, love them! Will have to go back next year just for the photos :)

— Raquel

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