Dreamsport Photography shot the first race of the 2011 Sports Super Centre Fun Run Series in blistering heat.

In 2011 all Fun Runs conducted by Corporate Challenge will contribute funds to the Ronald McDonald House Charities - as you all Run for Ronald. Our aim at the Sports Super Centre Series is to raise $20,000 - so keep an eye out on the figure below as we progress. The more people that race the more Corporate Challenge will contribute to this worthy cause. For more information on the Ronald McDonald House charities visit

2011-02-20 SSC Fun Run GC 1540-400pxThere are several galleries of photos. Where possible race numbers have been used in the photo titles and can be searched for on the website. These photos are in the Finishers Gallery. Note: we have added leading zeros to race numbers under 100 - eg. race number 13 is 013. please add "-800" to the search request - eg 013-800

There are also the crowd, start, junior dart and trophy galleries to look in for for your photos.


Photos are available as full sixe photos (without the large watermark). Email sales queries to

In addition if you want enlargements of your photos we can supply them. Please contact Tim at for pricing.

Dreamsport Photography will also donate a portion of profits to the Ronald McDonald House Charity.

The Salomon Tre-X Off Road Triathlon Series is an awesome event. We were asked to shoot the first event on the calendar at Mt Nathan in Queensland.

The photos have been separated into galleries for each part of the event and they can all be found in the main Race 1 Mt Cotton 7 Nov 2010 gallery. We have also uploaded the photos from the last race of the 2009 series back in April 2010 now in the Race Slickers Dirt Fest 11 Apr 10 Gallery.

The photos are small unedited versions with a large watermark. Photos from either gallery are available for sale and will be provided as either prints (on request) or high res digital versions. In both cases we will edit the photos for colour correction, white balance and exposure correction.

The more photos you purchase the cheaper they get with one photo starting at $10 and once you get over 10 photos they are only $3 each.

Use the following links to purchase by credit card or contact us of you want to use direct debit. Please either add the photo numbers you want to the comments in the payment or contact us separately with the details of your order.

  • If you want to purchase individual photos in a large High resolution format - suitable for printing on 12x8 these can be provided for the following prices:
  • one photo $10

  • two photos $18

  • three photos $25

  • up to 10 photos $30

  • Anything over that please contact Tim at

2010-10-03 2010 Bribie Beach Bash T 446Thanks to Geoff and Betty from Geoffs Runs we had another well organised Beach Bash Fun Run this year.

The beach bash has runs from 2km all the way to half marathon, full marathon and a 46km for the ultra runners. What makes this event hard is that it is almost entirely flat running on the surf beach of Bribie island, a large sand island off the coast just north of Brisbane. With only a few fresh water creek crossings to make things a little different some of the marathon and ultra runners really crave some hills, but there aren't any.

Of course running on sand has its own issues as well from chafing, to surf washing in, to soft v hard sand etc.

Todays event was run in a light drizzle and mist with the sun only breaking through as the marathon runners were into the last 5kms. At least it wasn't too hot, in fact it was ideal running conditions. Runners were also treated to dolphin displays in the water.

Ben and Tim were o hand to capture the moments from starts and finishes to creek crossings, sand running and candid shots.

We have uploaded over 2200 photos into the Bribie Beach Bash Gallery. Check through them for yourself and then make your purchases. Don't forget a percentage of sales will be going to the Endeavour Foundation, so support that worthwhile cause and get memories from the day.

All pricing and deals information.

2010-10-02 Skirt Chaser T 204The Skirt Chaser 5km race was a lot of fun with skirts (girls) running first and the skirt chasers (guys) getting a 3 minute handicap.

As the clouds rolled in, the sky opened and rain dumped down just as the race started the runners got very wet and we had some technical difficulties getting good photos. However we had come prepared with flashes and got some great photos and a lot of good ones too. As a result I have uploaded 883 photos into the Skirt Chaser Gallery.

Check out the pricing and make your payment online and then let us know which pics you want. Make sure you tell us the number and the letter before the number - eg T 204.

Coach Jeff from the Running Podcast ran in his pink skirt and the deal we offer is that if you got your photos with Jeff they can be had for free - just contact us with the photo number - eg T 204.

Looking forward to the 2011 Skirt Chaser!

2010-09-10 ARA Dark Side 2010 211-800All the photos from the 2010 ARA Darkside Championships have been deleted from the server. Please contact us for your images.

  • If you want to purchase individual photos in a large High resolution format - suitable for printing on 12x8 these can be provided for the following prices:
  • one photo $10
  • two photos $18
  • three photos $25
  • up to 10 photos $30
  • Anything over that please contact Tim at

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First up, amazing photos. I enter a lot of fun runs and have never bought a photo before - mostly because they are hideous :) But I actually liked quite a few of yours. Don't know how you did it.
Thanks, love them! Will have to go back next year just for the photos :)

— Raquel

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