WP_000365Have you got a camera? Want a better camera and lenses? want to afford Pro gear? want to make money and travel with your photography?

There is a good avenue in sports photography. There are opportunities for travel, great people to meet, new gear to buy and pay for and lots of reward. However its hard to break into. You need the right gear before you start, and you need to know how to consistently shoot the photos you are paid to produce.

If you think you have what it takes then I am running personalised workshops for individuals to learn how to shoot sports photography.


Each workshop is a personalised 3 hour jam packed session of technical skills, real activity shooting sports models and post production critique.

Following up from the workshop is the opportunity to be an unpaid shooter at an event to see how you would go in the real world.

We will help you learn the techniques and skills, critique your work and provide constant performance feedback as you go.


You will learn:

  • how to pick the right camera settings for the day, event, lighting, action etc, and when and how to change them and why
  • how to critique your own shots using the inbuilt camera functions
  • how to review your shots in post production and critique
  • how uncomfortable it can be lying on the ground in ants nests, mud and sharp gravel with mosquitos around in the hot sun (or freezing rain)
  • how much fun you can have doing this
  • how much money you can realistically make


You will need to bring:

  • A DSLR – preferably Canon 50D or above, or Nikon D7000 or above. It will need to have a servo tracking Autofocus capability.
  • A good sports lens – preferably a 70-200mm telephoto lens (note these can be hired)
  • A yoga mat or similar for lying on
  • Notepad or similar for taking notes
  • Suncream, water, insect repellent supplied by us


The cost for the workshop is $450. Dates and times are arranged individually and are dependant on yours and our availability, availability of our models and the weather to some extent.

Contact us at sales@dreamsportphotography.com if you are interested in more information or to book your workshop now.


Here is what one participant said about the workshop:

Wow Tim, what a great one to one! Very well done and very useful information delivered in an excellent hands-on manner with “live runners” I highly recommend this practical workshop to anyone that is interested in improving their running photography.This was hands-on, thought-“live runners” that left me inspired; feeling much more influential with much actionable takeaway I can apply immediately! If one find yourself at a time like this, this is an “MUST-DO”. If you don’t need to reinvent yourself, it’s still an “MUST-DO! This was a very insightful experience.

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Normally I don't get photos but you guys managed to catch a great one and it was even better when I discovered runners receive a free photo!

— Ashleigh - Lake Manchester Competitor

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