2009-10-11 Bribie Bash Fun Run 247Geoff's Runs are hosting their annual Bribie Beach Bash and once again supporting the worthy Endeavour foundation.

Dreamsport Photography has been asked to be the photographers for this event, and we will have two photographers at the event shooting competitors on the beach as well as start and finish lines and candid shots.

We will be making available sales of photos from last years event (previously not seen by most competitors) as well as this years and we have some special offers below. We will also be making a donation to the Endeavour Foundation from the proceeds of photo sales.

The deal for this year:

  • A CD will be made available with a selection of shots of the whole event. This will contain around a hundred photos able to be displayed on a computer or printed in 6x4 format. Cost $10 per CD. 2010 Bribie Beach Bash CD
  • Individual photos of competitors can be located in the 2010 Bribie Beach Bash image gallery. Choose a selection of up to 10 of your own photos and they can be added to your CD for an additional $5. 2010 Bribie Beach Bash CD+pics
  • If you want to purchase individual photos in a large High resolution format - suitable for printing on 12x8 these can be provided for the following prices:
  • one photo $10
  • two photos $18
  • three photos $25
  • up to 10 photos $30
  • Anything over that please contact Tim at sales@dreamsportphotography.com

Bonus offer for last year:

We will have a laptop displaying pictures from last year. If you can locate the pictures you want and get a business card with a promo code on it from one of our staff we will provide up to 10 pics on your 2010 CD for an additional $5.


  • Basic CD $10
  • Your 2010 pics added to CD $15
  • Your 2010 and 2009 pics added to CD $20
  • Individual photos in high res format:
  • one photo $10
    two photos $18
    three photos $25
    up to 10 photos $30
    Anything over that please contact Tim at sales@dreamsportphotography.com

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I have to congratulate your amazing team on snapping such a ‘WOW’ photo shot! Seriously… what were the chances of catching a participants ‘running on air moment’? How amazingly talented your photographers are. There are some photos I’d rather I didn’t see…there you guys were ready to snap every moment of the good, bad and the ugly. Still they are a precious reminder of what ‘not’ to do in my second race and I appreciate that your photographers caught me out walking as well as running. Teresa – keep on stepping, you don’t give up and walk in a 5K race! The memorable shots have made my first race that much more meaningful to laugh at myself and reflect on the entire event for a long time to come. I give gratitude to you all.

— Teresa

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