2015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 4 5401058 0431 0938 0970 0976 0992 1485For the first time in 4 years we were unable to make the 3rd Race, but for the 4th race we had two staff cover it. It was also the last ever race in this Sports Super Centre Fun Run Series that has been put on by Travis Ireland from Corporate Challenge for a large number of years!

I noticed Travis ran the Half Marathon this time as well! We have had a blast photographing this event over the last 4 years.

Special Deals

We have decided to do some special deals for all participants of any event from this series since we have been shooting it.

  • Pick any 10 images from 1 or more events for just $30
  • Pick any 20 images from 1 or more events for just $40
  • Pick any 30 images from 1 or more events for just $50
  • Pick any 50 images from 1 or more events for just $70

Find all the old events here:

The 2011 and 2012 events have been archived – please contact sales@dreamsportphotography.com if you want to access images from these events

Race 4 Photos

We have lots of images from Race 4 in the following galleries:


All handicap race numbers have 3 digits for this event – eg 22 = 022 and 318 = 318. Handicap numbers were all the same for the same time starting so you will need to sort your numbers from the others with the same number. 21km races are 4 digits with a leading zero if applicable. eg 0760, 1986 etc


Use our bib search system to locate your photos. Enter your bib number and search, or drill down into the event and specific galleries. For all race numbers under 100 please make sure you use a 3 digit number. E.g. if you were number 22 then search for 022 , number 324 search for 324 etc. If you can’t find all your photos try searching “nonumber” for those where the numbers were obscured or not being worn.

Note: sample photos are unedited, low quality and size and have a large watermark. Edited images are adjusted for exposure and colour and provided as full size digital images with a small discreet watermark in the corner.


We do things a little differently from other companies.

  • We don’t have a shopping cart because we don’t mass produce images.
  • We individually edit every photo we sell or provide free.
  • We shoot high resolution large images – suitable for you to print A3 size or more.
  • We have lots of happy customers who keep coming back for more
  • We specialise in sports photography events in Brisbane and South East Queensland

So you have to tell us one of two things in an email. Either say please sell me all my photos – here's one so you know who I am, OR go and search your race number and find just the ones you want to buy and let us know the file numbers for each image.

Email us at sales@dreamsportphotography.com with your order.

We then send you a payment link for secure credit card payment and away we go. We supply bulk images via a drop box download link and individual ones we email.

Prints we ship to you in a flat cardboard parcel for protection.


We don’t believe you should have to shell out big bucks after the event to get measly images of yourself. We have a very realistic pricing structure and we sell great quality high res photos. After all we enter events and want our photos too, so we know what its like as a competitor. Great pricing for families and friends to pool together; the more you buy the cheaper it gets.

  • one photo $13
  • two photos $25
  • three photos $33
  • up to 10 photos $43
  • after that $4.30 per photo


Individual prints are also available in 2 easy sizes;

  • 6”x4” $6 each
  • 12”x8” $20 each

All prints are shipped flat in cardboard parcels and there is a postage and handling cost of $7.50 (AUS).

Here are some of the photos from the day.

2015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 4 5101026 0282015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 4 5101101 0462015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 42015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 42015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 4 5301013 0382015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 4 5301102 0592015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 4 5301162 0352015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 42015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 42015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 4 5601054 09382015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 4 5601075 09472015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 42015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 42015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 42015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 4 5701017 09832015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 4 5701348 09772015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 4 5601288 0425 09692015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 4 5901040 16942015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 4 5901098 0468 16902015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 4 5901128 16872015-06-01 Corporate Challenge Race 4

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What people say about us

I have to congratulate your amazing team on snapping such a ‘WOW’ photo shot! Seriously… what were the chances of catching a participants ‘running on air moment’? How amazingly talented your photographers are. There are some photos I’d rather I didn’t see…there you guys were ready to snap every moment of the good, bad and the ugly. Still they are a precious reminder of what ‘not’ to do in my second race and I appreciate that your photographers caught me out walking as well as running. Teresa – keep on stepping, you don’t give up and walk in a 5K race! The memorable shots have made my first race that much more meaningful to laugh at myself and reflect on the entire event for a long time to come. I give gratitude to you all.

— Teresa

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