The Corporate Challenge Sports Super Centre Series Fun Run is the official lead up series to the Gold coast Marathon each year. Read more about the series.

Race 2 was fine and sunny and there was a quality field in attendance. Claire Geraghty took out the Ladies 8km event convincingly with Jackson Elliott winning both the 5km and 8km events.

We have lots of photos – nearly 5500 – from this event, so they are broken up into galleries as usual. Search for your images by bib number using the search tool. Runners with no visible bib will not be able to search.

You can also scroll through the Race 2 galleries below:

We now have a light box setup so you can view your photos with an easy next previous system.

Note: sample photos are low quality and size. Edited images are adjusted for exposure and colour and provided as full size digital images.

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Here are some of my favourite shots from the day.

2013-03-17 Corporate Challenge Race 2 096 1399 1417 14552013-03-17 Corporate Challenge Race 2 107 1383 1458 14562013-03-17 Corporate Challenge Race 2 200 0270 0410 0168 02262013-03-17 Corporate Challenge Race 2 294 13222013-03-17 Corporate Challenge Race 2 445 13172013-03-17 Corporate Challenge Race 2 1715 042 2412013-03-17 Corporate Challenge Race 2 48742013-03-17 Corporate Challenge Race 2 5495 1462013-03-17 Corporate Challenge Race 2 5583 1622013-03-17 Corporate Challenge Race 2 2228 16772013-03-17 Corporate Challenge Race 2 2216 338 0562013-03-17 Corporate Challenge Race 2 2311 16802013-03-17 Corporate Challenge Race 2 5822 0522013-03-17 Corporate Challenge Race 2 2469

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