Dreamsport Photography subcontracts to other photo companies from time to time to shoot events. Today I was lucky enough to shoot the Brisbane marathon, half marathon and 10KM event.

These photos are some of the colourful characters I got to interact with on the run/. While some runners are either very focussed, listening to their MP3 players or just in a world of private hurt, others are more than happy to joke around, jump, make funny faces and so on.

The rest of these few photos can be found on Flickr.


2011-08-07 Brisbane Marathon 18792011-08-07 Brisbane Marathon 23152011-08-07 Brisbane Marathon 24062011-08-07 Brisbane Marathon 26782011-08-07 Brisbane Marathon 27282011-08-07 Brisbane Marathon 27972011-08-07 Brisbane Marathon 28352011-08-07 Brisbane Marathon 29812011-08-07 Brisbane Marathon 30552011-08-07 Brisbane Marathon 40922011-08-07 Brisbane Marathon 57552011-08-07 Brisbane Marathon 5773

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