What a great event at the Caboolture Historical Village! A couple of light spots of rain did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the 270 odd competitors of all ages hitting the track for all different distances and events. From the 12 hours through the night ultra legends to the 50 and 100km ultras, speedy marathoners and the “short” events like the half marathon and kids 10KM through to the gangs of relay runners in the 6 and 12 hour events.

What a load of fun!

Dreamsport Photography has been the official photographers for a number of years for all the Geoffs Runs events now. We had 4 photographers at various points on the track covering the huge number of entrants and providing a wide range of different shots with opportunities for people to get lots of photos of themselves. We also shot with strobe lights (as you would know) during the night so we should have covered virtually everyone.

Of course there are always the few ninjas out there who sneak by our cameras. And being a night event the low light photos are going to be grainy. Still high res high quality photos as always!

This event has no bib numbers so you cant search for your number. That kind of sucks, but if you know when you were running you should be able to find yourself in the galleries.

The 2014 Dusk to Dawn galleries are broken up to try and give you the best opportunity to do that.

  • Crowd and Event – non running photos
  • Event Starts – pick yourself out in the crowded start photos – who ran into Tim on the start line?
  • Afternoon – 4-6PM – these are half and marathon runners only.
  • Afternoon 6-7PM – these will be everyone and is the largest gallery
  • Night – from 7PM to 10PM – mostly with strobes (we can correct light balance)
  • Morning – 12 hour event runners only from dawn to the finish
  • Presentations – says it all! Congratulations!


We do things a little differently from other companies.

  • We don’t have a shopping cart because we don’t mass produce images.
  • We individually edit every photo we sell or provide free.
  • We shoot high resolution large images – suitable for you to print A3 size or more.
  • We have lots of happy customers who keep coming back for more
  • We specialise in sports photography events in Brisbane and South East Queensland

So you have to tell us one of two things in an email. Either say please sell me all my photos – here's one so you know who I am, OR go and search your race number and find just the ones you want to buy and let us know the file numbers for each image.

Email us at sales@dreamsportphotography.com with your order

We then send you a payment link for secure credit card payment and away we go. We supply bulk images via a drop box download link and individual ones we email.

Prints we ship to you in a flat cardboard parcel for protection.


The best deals are of course the package deals. Simply email us with the file numbers for the small packs. For the All your Photos deal send us the link to one pic so we know who you are and we can find you from there – let us know if you change clothes!



Normal Price

10 Photos


20 Photos


All your photos


Race Special – all your photos plus a selection of event pics


A4 Race Certificates

$27.50 inc postage


Prices for full size edited images are:

  • one photo $10
  • two photos $18
  • three photos $25
  • up to 10 photos $30
  • after that $3 per photo

Photos are edited for light and colour balance as necessary and cropped minimally if required. All photos are watermarked with a small logo in left or right bottom corner – less than 1% of the image. Photos may be used for personal use, websites and Facebook etc as they are with watermark. If you want to re-edit your photo, have no watermark, use it for business website or commercial use please contact us for royalty free pricing.

Here are a few samples from the night.

2014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 25092014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 25252014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 1852014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 31802014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 12632014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 29822014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 27632014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 27492014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 24632014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 25312014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 25342014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 27932014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 32132014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 32182014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 32502014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 34772014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 6482014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 35682014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 17932014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 18492014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 6792014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 6912014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 39002014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 7172014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 57142014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 40092014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 38582014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 19012014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 19592014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 11112014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 11782014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 12142014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 62362014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 65552014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 65792014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 70382014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 70812014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 67462014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 71172014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 71212014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 6633

2014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 24172014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 24352014-02-08 Dusk 2 Dawn 2409

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First up, amazing photos. I enter a lot of fun runs and have never bought a photo before - mostly because they are hideous :) But I actually liked quite a few of yours. Don't know how you did it.
Thanks, love them! Will have to go back next year just for the photos :)

— Raquel

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