TRAQ have a beautiful lakeside run at Lake Manchester just southwest of Brisbane. The event is split into a 6km short event and the 22km full length event. There is some interesting information about the 22km event on the runtrails website:

there are seven hills I call the "seven dwarves" which you'll cross not long after the start, and again just before the finish. That's my attempt to make them feel small – they're not big, but by the time you get back they feel big. The hill at the far end is a solid climb, but the steepest bit will be downhill, fun for those who like a bit of flying. The middle section is a flat lakeside trail for recovery!

My apologies to all competitors for shooting you at the top of one of these short sharp little hills, but thanks to the 95% of you who smiled and waved anyway!


We have been listening to customers and trying to make it easier to access the images for you. There are several galleries of photos. Where possible race numbers have been used in the photo titles and can be searched for on the website. 6km competitors need to add a leading zero – eg. race number 19 is 019 when searching.

The photos are in the sub galleries:

We now have a light box setup so you can view your photos with an easy next previous system.

Note: sample photos are low quality and size. Edited images are adjusted for exposure and colour and provided as full size digital images with a small watermark at the bottom.


We have several special deals on for this event.

  • One free photo for every competitor.
  • A Lake Manchester prize pack – contains 5 scenic shots and up to 5 pics of yourself for $25. Email your race number to to access this.
  • Every photo of yourself for $50. Email your race number to to access this.
  • Printed A4 commemorative photo certificates are overlaid on an image of yourself and cost $27.50 including postage.

We will also have our normal pricing available.

Photos are available as full size photos (without the large watermark). Email sales queries to

In addition if you want enlargements of your photos we can supply them. Please contact Tim at for pricing.

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We engaged Tim and team to photograph our Redlands Coast Fun Run event and couldn't be happier with the quality of the photographs taken. Tim was professional and courteous in all dealings. On the day he was early to arrive and ensured our photo brief was met. Photos were uploaded to our Facebook page ON THE SAME DAY! As a result of the fantastic photos taken we've had extremely high engagement on our Facebook page and now have wonderful photos to promote the event. Can't recommend Tim highly enough and we'll be booking him again for sure!

— Anita Beasley - Race Director

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